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The modern theory of masturbation. What do you need to know!

The modern theory of masturbation. What do you need to know!

Sometimes we have to stop our intimate life. In addition to loneliness and lack of love, everyone should think about the effect of abstinence on our health. Sex is a natural need, and when it can be satisfied in marriage with a long-term partner, many health problems and risks are removed. If you do not have a regular partner and sexual abstinence is bothering you, consider how you can solve the problem.

A promiscuous sex life only exacerbates the situation! It is important to have a reliable partner who understands and supports you.

Any woman has to admit that by catching openly undressing men's looks, she gets a secret pleasure, called exhibitionism. A man, peeping in the window for a neighbor undressing, will surely receive the nickname of a vile pervert voyeur. But, modern experts in the field of sexology are convinced that everyone should set the range of acceptability for themselves. That is, you and no one else must decide the issue of sexual desires, relying only on your own desires.

Compared to the past century, many things have changed, as has the perception of pornographic stories. Although even now, some people believe that masturbation can trigger hair growth on the legs and arms. There are also people who think that masturbation is the cause of infertility.

Over the past 20 years, many surveys have been conducted, the result of which has shown that people do not react so violently to masturbation. This data could be found on the pages of Playboy magazine. Thanks to this data, only one person in six, whose age ranged from 18-34 years old, claims that masturbation is not normal. Most people over 45 have a negative attitude towards it. Students' opinions can be summarized as follows: 32% of guys and 14% of girls do not see the point in masturbation, because they simply do not want to. The rest do not think that it is something immoral.

Abstinence during puberty from 14 to 25

A separate issue is an abstinence during adolescence. At the time of sexual functions development and the production of hormones, adolescents may result in increased attraction, an active interest in the opposite sex. The stage of puberty is the time when a boy or girl realizes their attractiveness, tries to understand their own sexuality, and tune in to sexual relations. Vigorous processes take place in the body. Testosterone and estrogen (female and male hormones) are actively produced, secondary sexual characteristics are formed, the first excitement occurs.

There is a readjustment in the genitals to perform a sexual function. It is important during this period to conduct an educational conversation, support the teenager in his experiences, and understand his problems. The absence of sexual partner forces to restrain sexual impulses, which often leads to mental stress, breakdowns, emotional outbursts, which are reinforced by a hormonal storm.

Sometimes there are periods of abstinence in adolescents who have a partner. The cause may be a quarrel or illness, separation for the period of study in different cities, etc. Promiscuous sex life is not an option for relieving sexual tension. Keep calm, maintain balance, and find a reliable partner for your first sexual experience.

Abstinence in women 30+

In the female body, such periods occur when sexual abstinence is forced. It is pregnancy, postpartum, feeding the baby. At the same time, the spouse also abstains, who is also forced to endure the lack of sexual life. Sometimes sexual abstinence is explained more simply. For example, there was a quarrel, some negative event happened or one of the partners is sick. In any case, intimate life suffers negative consequences.

Women by nature can abstain from sex for a long time, but this can cause emotional changes and a decrease in tone in the body. If periods of abstinence are observed in marriage, mutual suspicions of treason may arise. Indifference and the matter may come to divorce. Lack of sex affects the regular processes in the hormonal sphere. Women can become irritable and whiny. And their character can change dramatically. The fact is that a woman's intimate life is closely related to emotions and experiences. If a woman does not receive personal attention, then the negative consequences of sexual abstinence can manifest themselves in the work, affect health and home environment

A very long period of abstinence leads to the appearance of tumors in the breast, myoma or fibroids of the uterus, mastopathy. The negative form of the premenstrual syndrome also increases.

Abstinence in men 30+

Men suffer more with sexual abstinence. Nature inherent desire of the male body to reproduce in the absence of sex leads to impotence, prostatitis, as well as emotional shifts, depression, psychological complexes. A pathological process can develop in the genitals, up to cancerous tumors (with potential and predisposition).

Some say that asceticism in sexual life is useful, others remind of its disastrous consequences.

The stagnant prostate condition leads to stagnant prostatitis. During sex, there is a regular cleansing of the prostate, and abstinence is not conducive to this. In addition, the male genital organ at the time of erection receives oxygen, and during stagnation, it begins to produce hormones that negatively affect health.

When resuming an intimate life, a man physiologically cannot always enter the desired shape, restore tone to the genitals, and achieve an erection. It can also be caused by sexual dysfunction due to abstinence. But having regular sex will help you get back to normal. Abstinence in men can also lead to decreased fertility. Studies have shown that sperm donor who had not had sexual intercourse for a long period before donation had low sperm activity, which indicates a lower likelihood of conception.

In any case, the lack of an intimate life has a very negative effect on the mood and physiological state of men. The fact of the lack of sex suppresses them, upsets, and does not stimulate further love exploits on the sexual front.

What is masturbation in the modern world?

A mature and truly healthy person is someone who, without false hesitation (of course, privately), can afford a lot and get real pleasure from it. Of course, watching pornchat online for the first time can be embarrassing, but on the second or third try, it can be pleasant. After all, wise nature has decreed that the first act of intimacy for any woman is accompanied by pain. But then, having learned and got a taste, it is difficult to tear yourself away from such pleasure. Therefore, at present, the attitude of people towards masturbation on webcams is quite quiet, but despite this, online masturbation generates such rumors:

  • Masturbation is not natural. It's not true. Many schoolchildren do this, even animals
  • Masturbation is a sin, according to religion. According to statistics, in some cases it is alien to believers, mostly unbelievers are engaged in this
  • It is impossible not to say about adolescents who are very interested in the reaction of the body because everything is just forming in them

In the East, it is believed that long-term abstinence leads to disease. Female and male energies stagnate, which should circulate harmoniously. Sexual abstinence can lead to small changes in the state of men's and women's bodies, but it is quite relieved by medication, as well as trusting and tender relationships between lovers.

According to doctors, masturbation is beneficial in many cases. In order to get pleasure, it is enough to masturbate. The partner may not take part in this. Moreover, a person who loves to masturbate will not contract sexually transmitted diseases.

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