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Is masturbation a forbidden fruit? Are there any alternatives?

Is masturbation a forbidden fruit? Are there any alternatives?

Self-satisfaction or masturbation is as ancient as the world itself. The very concept of masturbation (onanism) comes from the name of the biblical character Onan. The attitude to this process in different historical epochs was different, it varied from encouragement to persecution.

Even today, when masturbation has been rehabilitated and can be found almost everywhere, especially in our online porn chat without registration, this topic remains closed for most and is not even discussed with a loved one. In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of masturbation.


  • Self-satisfaction allows both men and women to learn how to control their bodies, to reach the highest point of satisfaction. If you don't know what an orgasm is, then, according to sexologists, basic masturbation will teach you how to achieve it
  • Mutual masturbation sessions can rekindle the former passion of those couples whose ardor has already cooled down. This makes the relationship closer and more trusting, revives fantasy and mutual interest, excites, and serves as a kind of training tool for partners
  • Self-satisfaction is a way to dump accumulated energy for adolescents, single or temporarily single women, without resorting to random relationships. For men, according to sexologists, it is also a way to remain faithful to a partner, and not seek adventures on the side during separation
  • In some cases, masturbation can become the only option for sexual activity (in case of serious illnesses, for example, with movement restriction)
  • If we talk about "early sex", then masturbation is perhaps the only absolutely safe type of sex. Sex therapists also "prescribe" it to men with ejaculation problems, frigid women, and couples suffering from sexual disharmony


  • Excessive passion for self-satisfaction in men can lead to a loss of interest in a partner and to other types of sex. In women, it can lead to pseudo frigidity, when orgasm occurs only as a result of masturbation. In this case, sexologists recommend not to forget about the stimulation of various erogenous zones, especially the clitoris
  • Another option is playing the same scenario of self-satisfaction. Imagine a familiar environment when real excitement arises only in the presence of situations that are firmly fixestreamd in consciousness. Reorienting the brain, of course, is possible, but it will not be easy. I will repeat again: diversity is the key to fulfilling sex life!
  • Mental masturbation may occur, when pleasure gives rise to fantasies without stimulation of erogenous zones, without the participation of a partner. Such a person does not control his sexuality and body, cannot build a relationship with a partner. Such a phenomenon is considered as a kind of sex pathology, but not as a consequence of masturbation

  • No one forces you to make a choice between traditional sex and self-satisfaction. They coexist perfectly, complement each other, and bring a colorful variety to sexual relations. If someone has the impression that masturbation is a boring business, then you can do it in different ways. For example, in bed, under the shower, with your hands, with the help of a vibrator, and even your partner's penis, not allowing him to take possession of you.

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